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Home Automation

IV Systems offers the ultimate smart home automation solution by integrating the electronic components and systems you already use on a daily basis, seamlessly. Home automation is the ultimate solution for those technology geeks and user friendly for those less tech-savvy individuals and even your younger family members.
Having one easy-to-use personalized interface to make your everyday tasks in the home (or office) simpler, safer, cost effective, convenient with added peace of mind; is now simple. Home automation systems can control lights and dimmers, create or enhance home theatre and whole-home entertainment systems, strengthen home security, automate locks and doors, and increase energy efficiency by controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems - even your smartphones and tablets.
IV Systems has specialised in home automation since 2005, and was one of the first companies in South Africa to offer custom lifestyle solutions to the luxury home market. The industry has changed much over the past few years, and home automation has become far more affordable and accessible to all home owners. IV Systems specialise in the Control4 systems, a high end product, offering custom lighting, audio visual, distributed HD (high definition), security and home theatre installations.
Home automation systems are composed of hardware, communication and electronic interfaces that work to integrate electrical devices with one another. Daily home and office activities can now be regulated with the touch of a button. From any remote location, users can adjust the controls on home entertainment systems, limit the amount of sunlight streaming into their homes, or change the temperature in certain rooms. Home automation software is often connected through computer networks so that you can adjust settings on your personal device from your pocket.

Your home automation system can monitor changes in daylight, temperature or motion detection allowing the home automation system to adjust settings to your preferred levels. Controllers refer to devices like personal computers, tablets or smartphones—used to send and receive messages about the status of automated features in your home.

Benefits of a home automation system:

- Simplify your audio, video, and home-theatre components with one remote control.
- Play music from almost any format, in any room, any time.
- Save energy and enjoy the perfect ambiance in every room.
- Create a more comfortable home.
- Create a more efficient planet.
- Enjoy control from anywhere by accessing the system online or on your smart phone or tablet.
- Experience peace of mind with features that enhance your home security.
- View live video surveillance of inside (and outside) your home.

Benefits to using IV Systems to design and install your personalized home automation system:

- Very affordable and cost effective.
- Professional team of installers.
- Over 10+ years of experience.
- Clean and tidy installation with no major construction required.
- Identify simple solutions for easy usage by all family members.
- Flexible, start small and add solutions as time and budget allow.
- Ensure compatibility in a new or older home.

For more information on home automation, please contact IV Systems to assist you in determining which home automation package is right for you and your family.
After IV Systems’ professional installation of your new home automation system, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of leaving and returning to your safer and smarter home.